Collection: A Voyage of Discovery

This book is designed to portray biblical spirituality as believers in the God of the Bible express it. It takes a collection of fifteen psalms, conveniently lumped together in the Hebrew canon. The collection of Psalms 120-134 all bear the same title: A Song of Ascents.

Designed to go through the 14 Psalms in 14 days: Each day, spending time in one of these psalms. Read the psalm, pray over it, make notes from what you think God might be teaching you. As you read the chapter for that day, keep a journal. Donald Whitney has written:

A journal is one of the best places for charting your progress in the Spiritual Disciplines and for holding yourself accountable to your goals.

At the end of each psalm there are some questions to 'stir the juices', as it were. There are no strict rules, except the need for honesty. Writing down how we respond to God's teaching can stir the affections in a way that nothing else can.

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