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For more than thirty years, Tabletalk has existed as a magazine for laymen. Generally speaking, laymen receive either very little instruction in the weightier matters of the faith, or the instruction is far too academic, thereby making the material largely inaccessible to average laymen. This is the reason Tabletalk exists—to bridge the gap between these two poles, to explain to the people of God important, biblical doctrines and events while admonishing them toward holy living.

For this reason, we will continue to focus on significant issues of the Christian faith, like, for example, the current popularity of a particularly vitriolic form of atheism—the so-called "new" atheism. This is the theme of the August 2008 issue of Tabletalk, which intends to examine some of the basic precepts of this movement, with hopes of encouraging our readers with succinct answers to certain criticisms and exhorting them to be prepared to face these challenges as they are disseminated abroad.

Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with John Blanchard, Steven J. Lawson, Keith A. Mathison, David A. Robertson, Philip G. Ryken, R.C. Sproul Jr., Carl R. Trueman, Gene Edward Veith, and Ravi K. Zacharias Tabletalk features articles about topics central to the Christian faith and daily, in-depth Bible studies.

The 2008 Bible studies examines the gospel of Matthew and the Redeemer who saves His people from their sins.

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