Collection: History. Truth. Faith. Pillars of Christian Orthodoxy

In a day when even people within the church try to redefine what it means to be Christian, Drs. Stephen Nichols, Carl Trueman, and R.C. Sproul explain the importance of Christian orthodoxy - that body of content that is the authentic Christian religion. Orthodoxy rests on three pillars: history - the conviction that God is working out His purposes through His people; truth - the gospel of Jesus Christ delivered once and for all to the saints; and faith - the conviction that salvation is found only through trusting in Christ alone.

The sessions address each of the three pillars of Christian orthodoxy: History, Faith, Truth. Dr. Nichols examines the biblical doctrine of providence, showing that God upholds all things by His power and that in Him we live, move and have our being. Dr. Trueman reminds us that all Scripture is God-breathed and therefore infallible and inerrant, and our only rule of faith and practice. Dr. Sproul examines the obligation and role of the Christian academy in recovering and proclaiming the light of truth.

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  • History, Truth, Faith - Pillars of Christian Orthodoxy: 2011 Ligonier Academy Conference — Download
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