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Can something come from nothing? Was "chance" the cosmic power behind creation? Despite scientific advances, there remains an undercurrent of irrationalism in scientific writing. This book by Dr. R.C. Sproul and Dr. Keith Mathison, has been revised and expanded in light of recent scientific discoveries and ongoing attacks against God and reason, exposing the irrational claims of modern day science.

An Overview of Not a Chance

1. The Soft Pillow
2. The Mask of Ignorance
3. A Quantum Leap
4. The Voice of Reason
5. Light and the Light
6. Framing the Question
7. The Policeman of Science
8. Cosmos or Chaos?
9. A Being without a Cause
10. No Chance in the World
11. Ex Nihilo, Nihil Fit

Appendix: A Review of Stephen M. Barr's Modern Physics and Ancient Faith

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