Collection: The Cross of Christ (Nashville, 2000)

“Lord Jesus, You are my righteousness, I am Your sin. You took on You what was mine; yet set on me what was Yours. You became what You were not, that I might become what I was not.” – Martin Luther

In this profound statement, Martin Luther summarizes the comprehensive work of Christ in atoning for our sins. But how did the ‘exchange’ about which Luther marveled take place? What really happened on the cross? In Ligonier Ministries' 2000 Nashville conference, "The Cross of Christ," R.C. Sproul surveys various theories of the Atonement, demonstrating whether they actually satisfy the problem of sinful man under the just wrath of God. He examines the complexities of forgiveness and redemption by explaining man’s debt, crime, and enmity with God. He pursues why God the Father was pleased to curse His Son, how that resulted in the ultimate blessing, and what that ultimate blessing is. And Dr. Sproul discusses why all believers can be certain of salvation.

The world needs the Good News of the Gospel. But understanding the Gospel is impossible without understanding the Cross of Christ.

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