Collection: The Enemy Within

If God has redeemed me from sin, and given me His Holy Spirit to sanctify me and give me strength against sin, why do I keep on sinning? This books takes dead aim and ongoing sin. Drawing from two masterful works by John Owen, Kris Lundgaard offers insight, encouragement and hope for overcoming the enemy within.

Part One: The Power of Sin in What is is

Part Two: The Power of Sin in How it Works

Part Three: The Power of Sin in What it Does

Part Four: Nailing the Lid on Sin's Coffin

"Fresh, contemporary, highly readable. Every Christian who is serious about holiness should read this book."
—Jerry Bridges

"Kris Lundgaard has done the impossible. He has given us some of the best of Puritan theology in a language all of us can understand. . . . will challenge you to radical spiritual transformation!"
—Richard L. Pratt, Jr.

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