Collection: The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology

The so-called "Federal Vision" has caused much controversy in Presbyterian and Reformed circles. This book is an honest and helpful assessment of the Federal Vision and a response to its claims in light of Scripture and tradition.

"There is among the confessional Reformed and Presbyterian churches a loosely organized but vocal group of writers who are intent on revising the core confessional doctrines of election, covenant, sacraments, and justification. In this superb volume, Guy Prentiss Waters has done the Reformed community a great service by providing a detailed and well documented survey and a penetrating analysis of the so-called Federal Vision. Hereafter no study of this phenomenon can be considered adequate that has not paid close attention to this volume.

R. Scott Clark, Associate Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology, Westminster Seminary California

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  • The Federal Vision and Covenant Theology — Paperback
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