Collection: The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses

The books of the Pentateuch are among the most foundational for understanding the message and significance of the biblical story. They are also among the least understood. A clear, in-depth, and Christ-centered introduction to these books is, therefore, a pressing need. And The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses is admirably suited to fill that need.

Vern Poythress demonstrates how the sacrifices, traditions, and penalties of the Law of Moses graphically foreshadow the work of Christ and his relationship with his people. This is a wide-ranging treatment of the law’s relationship to the gospel. Exploring Genesis through to Deuteronomy, Poythress aims to demonstrate how the sacrifices and traditions of the Hebrews graphically foreshadow Christ’s relationship with his people. He also explains how the penalties of the law prefigure the destruction of sin and guilt through Jesus.

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  • The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses — Paperback
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