Singing and Making Music


Singing and Making Music

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Singing and Making Music is a collection of thirty-two essays by theologian, musician, and church music director Paul Jones, who contends that scriptural principles should inform a church's music ministry, that music can provide many of the same kinds of spiritual care and leadership that pastoral ministry provides, and that church music budgets should reflect these understandings.

The author's essays cover a wide range of topics. In a section entitled Corporate Worship he addresses such topics as sacred music as prayer and proclamation, authenticity in corporate worship music, the accompanist's role, and the place of applause in worship.

Under the headings of "Hymnody" and "Psalmody" he explores the history of hymns, what the psalms tell us about the role of song, and why every Christian should sing, among other topics.

Another section of the book seeks to answer many of the questions church leaders have about their music programs, such as what to look for in a music director and how to create a music program in a small church with a limited budget.

The final section explores the work of various composers, but Jones explicitly states that he is not providing a list of acceptable or unacceptable musical compositions.

Music directors and worship leaders are the most likely audience for this book. Although some of the more theoretical chapters may be difficult for those without an education in music or music theory to understand, the bulk of the material is accessible to the musical layman.

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