A Field Guide on Gender and Sexuality


A Field Guide on Gender and Sexuality

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The world around us is rapidly changing. Rejection of the Bible’s teaching on what it means to be human has created widespread confusion about gender and sexuality. Many Christians now face questions that seem to pit love and truth against each other. Should we attend the LGBTQ weddings of our family members and friends? May we address people by their preferred pronouns? And are we unloving if we do not do what the culture demands?

God is not silent on these matters. His unchanging and authoritative Word provides the truth we need to face today’s challenges. Do we have the resolve to speak the truth in love amid the mounting pressure to compromise?

This field guide offers biblical answers to questions about gender, sexuality, and identity. Each answer seeks to help Christians stand firm in their convictions, navigate relationships with true compassion, and proclaim the liberating hope of the gospel.

Questions on Being Human

Explore the Questions Addressed in This Book

Questions on Being Human

  • What does it mean to be made in the image of God?  

  • What is sex for?  

  • Do we create our own identities?  

  • How do we know there are only two genders? What about people who are born with ambiguous bodies?  

  • What should I think when someone claims to be a different gender than their biological sex?  

  • Does gender reassignment or affirmation surgery actually make someone a different sex?  

  • Is there a difference between one’s sex and gender?

Questions on Homosexuality and Transgenderism

Questions on Homosexuality and Transgenderism

  • Is same-sex attraction a sin?  

  • What’s the difference between same-sex attraction and same-sex sexual behavior?  

  • What’s the difference between gender dysphoria and transgenderism?  

  • Is it OK to call yourself a “gay Christian”?  

  • Is homosexual sin worse than other sins?  

  • Can Christians with same-sex attraction expect their desires to change as they grow in sanctification?

  • What does repentance look like for a transgender person?

Questions on Events and Associations

Questions on Events and Associations

  • Can I attend a gay wedding?  

  • Can I attend the wedding of non-Christians? A Christian to a non-Christian? Cohabiting people? Someone who’s had an unbiblical divorce?

  • Isn’t it more loving to attend a wedding even if we disagree with the participants’ lifestyle?

  • Is it OK to use people’s preferred pronouns? 

  • How do we know whether something is a matter of conscience or a clear teaching of Scripture?

  • Can I be friends with homosexual and transgender people?

  • When should a Christian disassociate from someone?

Questions on the Gospel and Love

Questions on the Gospel and Love

  • I’ve sinned sexually. Is there hope for me?

  • What is true “compassion”?

  • How can I love family members and friends who identify as LGBTQ without compromising my Christian faith?

  • How should I respond if people call me judgmental or bigoted?

  • How can Christians serve brothers and sisters in Christ who experience same-sex attraction?

  • How can I share the gospel with people who identify as LGBTQ?

  • I feel pressure to affirm or participate in the LGBTQ lifestyle. What should I do?

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