A Survey of Church History, Part 6 — Study Guide

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A Survey of Church History, Part 6 — Study Guide

A.D. 1900-2000


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The twentieth century witnessed the rise and fall of empires, as well as the vast growth of the church through world missions. In many ways, the twentieth century contains the best and worst of human history. In this lecture series, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey considers the development of the church in the modern world, even as world wars, social revolutions, and doctrinal controversies threatened its expansion. Though the church met many challenges in this century, Christ continued to build His church as His gospel spread throughout the world.

Part 1 AD 100–600, Part 2 AD 500–1500, Part 3 AD 1500–1620, Part 4 AD 1600–1800, Part 5 AD 1800–1900 or the complete set are also available.

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