Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age

Hardcover|Study Guide (Paperback)

Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age


Modern culture promotes an increasingly unbiblical view of what it means to be a woman. This book and study guide set from bestselling author Rosaria Butterfield helps women think critically about issues of sexuality and gender, and see the truth about who God created them to be.

In her powerful book Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age, Butterfield uses Scripture to confront 5 common lies about sexuality, faith, feminism, gender roles, and modesty often promoted in our secular culture today. The companion study guide walks women through each of the book’s main topics with chapter summaries, engaging questions, and Bible verses for further reading. Perfect for individuals and small groups, this set helps women see the beauty in biblical womanhood and shepherd the next generation.


  • Culturally Relevant: Confronts controversial topics including transgenderism, homosexuality, feminism, spirituality, and modesty from a Bible-centered perspective
  • Written for Christian Women: Inspires women to preserve godly values and offers guidance as they shepherd the next generation
  • Written by Rosaria Butterfield: Bestselling author of The Gospel Comes with a House Key (100,000+ copies sold) and The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (100,000+ copies sold)
  • Filled with Personal Stories:Rosaria speaks from her own experience as a formerly militant anti-Christian and outspoken feminist, in order to teach and encourage other Christians
  • A Great Resource for Individual and Small-Group Study:This set includes a copy of the book Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age and the companion study guide

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Hardcover|Study Guide (Paperback)



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