The Five Points of Calvinism


The Five Points of Calvinism

Defined, Defended, and Documented

S. Quinn
David Steele
S. Quinn & 2 others
224 pages

Hundreds of years ago, the Synod of Dordt produced the five points of Calvinism in response to Arminian theology. These five points provide a helpful summary of the Reformed understanding of salvation.

In this updated classic, David N. Steele, Curtis C. Thomas, and S. Lance Quinn give a brief exposition of each of the five points of Calvinism, and they list the biblical verses that teach each one. This book provides a helpful summary of the teachings of Reformed theology, making it a handy reference for studying the biblical teaching on man's depravity and the sovereignty of God in salvation.

“Simply put, The Five Points of Calvinism is the best and the most complete short introduction to the doctrines of grace.”
—Philip G. Ryken

“ One could hardly wish for a better study resource to show the five points’ faithfulness to Scripture. This disciplined display of the heart of the gospel calls for three of the loudest cheers we can give.”
—J. I. Packer

“Truly a classic—clear, concise and warm in its presentation of historic Reformed theology. This latest edition is even better than the original.”
—R. C. Sproul

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