Meet the Puritans


Meet the Puritans

Joel Beeke
Randall Pederson
Joel Beeke & Randall Pederson
896 pages

The Puritans were unmatched in their ability to combine deep, theological thinking with warm, practical living. In recent decades, many of their writings have been brought back into print, but few Christians know who these men were or why their works are worth reading.

In Meet the Puritans, Joel Beeke and Randall Pederson go a long way toward alleviating this problem. This resource provides biographical introductions to every Puritan whose work has been republished in recent decades. Along with each biography is a guide to the written works of that Puritan author.

"Joel Beeke and Randall Pederson have given us a priceless treasure in this introduction to the Puritans and Puritan literature. My prayer is that [this book] will help spark a new wave of interest in the Puritans, a new appreciation for theology, and especially a revival of their passion for careful biblical exposition."
—Dr. John MacArthur

"Meet the Puritans is a fascinating compendium, scholarly yet popular and accessible, that Puritan-lovers will value very hightly - and justly so."
—Dr. James I. Packer

"As furnaces burn with ancient coal and not with the leaves that fall from today's trees, so my heart is kindled with the fiery substance I find in the old Scripture-steeped sermons of Purian pastors. A warm thanks to the authors of Meet the Puritans for all the labor to make them known."
—Dr. John Piper

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