One Passion


One Passion

2012 Regional Conference

Sinclair Ferguson
Steven Lawson
Sinclair Ferguson & Steven Lawson

How would you respond if someone told you that God ultimately requires but one thing from His people? Would you agree immediately? Would you disagree because the Bible, in fact, gives us several commands, including the Ten Commandments, the two great commands to love God and our neighbor, and the demand to love justice, among others?

Of course, from one perspective, God has given us many commands. On the other hand, all of these commands are grounded in the Lord’s one requirement — that we have one holy passion for Him. Loving others is a consequence of having one, true, unreserved love for our Creator. Likewise, refusing to have gods other than the one, true God is the foundation for all of the other commandments in Scripture. With Paul we are to be about one thing — the passionate pursuit of Christ and His glory (Phil. 3:12–14). When we are about this, everything else falls into place.

In this conference, Drs. Steven Lawson and Sinclair Ferguson teach on the theme “One Passion,” exploring how this fundamental command is to work itself out in worship, Bible study, work, evangelism, and other aspects of the Christian life.

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