Only One Way


Only One Way

Michael  Johnson
Richard Phillips
Michael Johnson & Richard Phillips
149 pages

In our increasingly rootless culture, many people prefer questions over answers, hazy spirituality over concrete belief, and pluralism over the ultimate truth. Even some believers express this uncertainty—hesitant to assert that the gospel of Christ is the only true Good News.

Yet this bold assertion is exactly the witness that our world needs. Here seven notable pastor-scholars expose the limitations of postmodernism and remind us of our reasons for confidence. Are you prepared to take a stand alongside them?

• David F. Wells — One Among Many

• R. Albert Mohler Jr. — One Gospel

• Peter R. Jones — One God?

• Richard D. Phillips — One Savior

• Philip G. Ryken — One Truth

• D.A. Carson — One Way

• J. Ligon Duncan III — One People

Each year, the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology presents speakers and subjects to strengthen the church’s faith. This carefully edited selection concentrates on Christianity’s unified, exclusive claims.

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