Pilgrims and Exiles

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Pilgrims and Exiles

2023 London Conference

Sinclair Ferguson
Stephen Nichols
Sinclair Ferguson & 8 others

Christians are a unique kind of people, for our citizenship is in heaven and not on earth. As a community of pilgrims and exiles, we’re surrounded by reminders that we’re not yet home. Our commitment to God’s Word requires us to think differently from the world and calls us to a distinct way of life. Yet while everything around us is fading away, we have an inheritance in Christ that will last forever.

On September 8–9, 2023, Ligonier Ministries hosted a conference in London. Sinclair Ferguson, Stephen Nichols, Mark Johnston, Steven Lawson, Paul Levy, Ken Mbugua, Burk Parsons, Michael Reeves, and Peter Szabo turned to the book of 1 Peter to consider what it means for Christians to live as sojourners in this world and ambassadors for the world to come.

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