Servants for His Glory

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Servants for His Glory


We all come to the world with a certain emptiness in our lives, which produces a search for meaning that we all pursue in different ways. Man is a “doer” by nature and finds his identity in what he does. We see how boys enjoy building a castle of sand or a fort with soldiers placed in a position of battle. Women, on the contrary are more inclined towards relationships and finds her identity there. Even as girls we see how they tend to play with dolls from an early age and assume the role of a mother without anyone necessarily teaching them how to live out maternity.

It would seem that man comes prepared for battle and for “doing” and women come equipped for “relating.” However, as society has removed value from maternity, we see that many women have also wanted to jump into the workforce, because they find more satisfaction in working outside the home to provide for their families. Doing has become the addiction of our generation. Unfortunately, an overemphasis on doing has lead many people to not cultivate an interior life that allows them to sustain their exterior life. This explains the many failures we continuously see in day-to-day life. When the person’s interior life is not prepared, their character does not have the maturity or the strength to sustain them in the long run. In this book, Pastor Núñez points us to scripture and to experience to show us the importance of cultivating the foundations of our lives, so that we can “be what we need to be, in order to do what we need to do.”

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Help provide trusted teaching to Spanish-speaking Christians.

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