The State of Theology

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The State of Theology

2022 Biennial Survey

Ligonier Editorial
Keith Mathison
Ligonier Editorial & Keith Mathison

What do you believe about God, His Word, and the world He has made? Your answers will shape every aspect of who you are, what you value, and how you live your life. That’s why Ligonier Ministries conducts the State of Theology survey every two years: to discover what Americans believe in order to gain insight into the soul of the nation. In thirty-one questions, the survey probes what people in the United States think about the authority of the Bible, the identity of Jesus, the way of salvation, and more.

In this ebook, discover how the beliefs of Americans measure up to what God has revealed in Scripture. The full results of the 2022 State of Theology are included in a visual format, allowing you to see how U.S. adults and evangelicals responded to every question. In addition, Dr. Keith Mathison provides clear, succinct commentary on the theology behind the questions, emphasizing what is at stake in each statement and revealing the danger of getting them wrong. What is the state of your theology?

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