The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century


The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century

Volume 1

468 pages

This important collection of essays seeks to place the work of the Westminster Assembly in its historical, theological, political and social setting and challenge inaccurate historical assertions that have since become commonplace. It places Westminster in its relation to earlier and later Reformed theology and provides a fresh evaluation of its contribution to the Calvinist tradition. It commends it to us as a faithful expression of clear-headed Christian thinking.

One of the major focuses of this work is the Westminster theology (and the Puritan/Protestant Scholastic legacy in general) in its relation to the Reformed tradition as a whole.

In particular, The Westminster Confession into the Twenty-First Century discusses, from numerous vantage points, the Westminster theology in its interrelationship to the earlier Reformed tradition. It argues for a basic continuity between Calvin and Calvinism, without ignoring developments and issues that have been developed into discontinuities.

In the second of four volumes, the topics covered include:
—Westminster Spirituality
—Westminster and the Regulative Principle
—Old Princeton Seminary and the Westminster Standards
—The Influence of the Westminster Confession of Faith on the Korean Presbyterian Church
—The Eschatology of the Westminster Confession of Faith and Assembly

Contributors include: Doug Kelly, Philip Ryken, Derek Thomas, Nick Needham, Paul Helm, and Joel Beeke.

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